Editing and proofreading

Do you want to be sure your written communications are strong, clear, concise and free of errors?

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Get a fresh eye for all your important communications

We can edit and proofread anything you write.

A fresh eye is always useful – to avoid that ‘aaaggh’ moment when you see a typo in a report after it’s been distributed or in an email after it’s been sent to hundreds of customers.

As ex-journalists, we know how to ensure your communications are clear, concise and effective for their target audiences.

Get a free assessment
Send us a sample of your document and we’ll give you a free professional assessment.

We’ll tell you if it’s fine the way it is. But if it needs proofreading or editing, we’ll tell you that too. Or you can ask us for a plain English makeover.

What’s proofreading?
Proofreading is correcting mistakes of grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax and formatting. It also involves identifying inconsistencies of language, punctuation and layout. We use track changes in MS Word so you can clearly see our suggestions and changes.

What’s editing?
Editing involves making changes to ensure that the writing is clear, strong, concise, polished and free of errors. It also means checking it’s suitable for your target audiences – and that the document will achieve its objectives. An editor’s eye can make all the difference to your website, reports, white papers, template letters, brochures or leaflets.

What’s a plain English makeover?
Plain English is essential when you’re writing for the public. Research shows that communicating in plain English can save time and money – because customers don’t have to contact your customer services team. A plain English makeover involves editing (and sometimes re-writing) to ensure your target audiences get the message the first time they read. 

You’re in good company. Recently, we’ve worked with:

  • Consumer agencies – to edit information leaflets for the public
  • Insurance companies – to use plain English in their policy booklets
  • Financial firms – to remove jargon from their websites, emails and letters
  • A transport company – to re-write safety standards into plain English
  • Universities – to edit prospectuses and website content

How much does it cost?
It depends what you need: proofreading, light editing or a plain English makeover. To get a competitive quote, send a sample (in Word preferably) to hello@plain-english.ie

We’ll treat any documents you send in confidence and will delete them after giving you the quote.

Organisations we’ve provided editing and proofreading for include:

ent irl nda MABS
pobal opw
ptsb safe-food-300x57-re bord bia
123-logo-rgb quintas-logo dcu

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