Plain English makeover

For safety standards, customer forms, websites, template emails . . .

Do you need to feel confident that you’re using plain English?  Do you have safety standards that need to be ultra clear? Forms that must be filled in accurately? Important information that is going to thousands of people?

Plain English means making sure your intended readers will understand the first time they read. It also means helping them to use or apply the messages easily.

A plain English makeover is more than simply editing. It’s perfect when you want to:

  • Reach a wide group of people with different levels of knowledge, education and needs
  • Make important information easily available for busy people
  • Reach people who don’t all have English as a first language
  • Create practical accessible communications

We talk to you about your readers, your objectives and your challenges – and can help you to ‘translate’ complex, detailed or tricky information into something that’s accessible and readable.

We’ve provided plain English makeovers for:

  • Safety standards in the transport sector
  • Building regulations
  • Customer communications in the financial services sector
  • Public sector websites

We can also show you to write in plain English, on a customised training course. If you don’t need a plain English makeover, we can edit and proofread anything you write.

Want to see some examples of plain English?

For more information, contact us any time.