Writing for commercial publications

This highly practical workshop-style course will give you the skills – and confidence – to think and write like a journalist.

The key to writing for a wide audience is to put yourself in the shoes of the readers – so whether you’re writing for a legal journal in the UK or a Sunday newspaper in Dublin, you can be sure of getting your message across.

On the successful completion of this course, writers will be able to create articles that:

  • Help to raise the profile of the writer and your firm
  • Get the message across quickly and effectively to your target audience
  • Use a simple, reader-friendly structure
  • Express complex information in clear English
  • Contain no errors in grammar, punctuation or use of English

Content includes:

Part 1 – Planning                         

  • A news article: using 5Ws and H
  • Finding an angle and hook
  • Planning, using a skeleton structure
  • Elements of a feature article – from intro to ‘outro’
  • Creating a draft

Part 2 – Writing

  • How to make your writing strong and effective
    • Write exactly what you mean – keep it simple
    • Keep it concise – no padding
    • Prefer the active voice
    • Use topic sentences
    • Make it look readable
    • Cut out jargon
    • Use real examples

Part 3 – Editing

  • Editing strategies
  • Three steps to successful editing


  • Proofreading checklist
  • Commonly confused words
  • Punctuation reminders
  • Resources for writers

This is the outline for a half-day course. It can also be delivered as a shorter session, covering the key points of planning and writing only. Please contact us for details.