Writing e-zine articles

People don’t read ‘properly’ online. We tend to browse, skim and scan instead,  This means that you have to write differently if you want to capture readers’ attention in an e-zine or online newsletter.

To encourage clients and potential clients to read your e-zine, you must make it topical, relevant, short, focused and very very clear.

On successful completion of this course, participants will:

  •  Feel confident they can write effectively for their e-zines and client bulletins
  •  Understand how users ‘read’ websites
  •  Know how to achieve a reader-focused style and structure
  •  Be able to create articles that are clear and concise
  •  Understand how to adapt hard copy for the web
  •  Receive a comprehensive resource pack with useful online links

Course content

Part 1 – Planning: Clear thinking leads to clear writing

Essential steps in planning:

  • Understand how readers access web content
  •  Define your purpose
  •  Identify your target readership (expertise, interests, etc.)
  •  Create an effective brief for writers
  •  Build an effective structure for an article, with a skeleton

Part 2 – Writing content: strong, clear, concise English

  • Identify best practice in web content writing – using legal articles as case studies
  • How to adapt hard copy for the web
  • Ensure scanners get the message quickly
  • Use the power of language to achieve objectives:
  • Ensure content is clear and concise
  • Get the style and tone of voice right – for your target audience(s)
  • Does it do what it says on the tin? Good labelling
  • Ensure each section fulfills its purpose (e.g. informs users or answers their questions)

This is the outline for a half-day course. It can also be delivered as a lunchtime presentation, focusing on the key points only. Please contact us for details.