Good English – for support staff

Do you ever worry about using too many commas – or not enough? Or get confused between ‘practice’ and ‘practise’?

Would you like to feel confident that can write English correctly? And can spot mistakes quickly?

Whether you’re writing emails or dealing with dictation, it’s helpful to know the rules of grammar and punctuation.

In this two-hour workshop, participants will learn how to identify and correct common errors. Checklists and factsheets are provided for future reference.

Course content

  • Theory and practice of good grammar
    (i.e. parts of speech, sentence structure)
  • Punctuation rules and practice
  • Practical exercises in identifying and correcting errors
  • Common errors – learn to hear alarm bells:
    • Overlong, clunky sentences and paragraphs
    • Checking for clarity
    • Singular vs plural
    • Tenses and word order
    • Commonly confused words (e.g. dependent vs. dependant / license vs. licence)
    • Tricky grammar (e.g. who or whom? / that or which?)

This is a two-hour session. It can be adapted to include dictation practice. Please contact us for further details.