Report writing for results

The aim of this highly practical course is to help participants to write clear, concise, polished reports. The focus is on ensuring all written material is free of errors – and that it is readable and well structured.  This course is tailor-made, which means that practical exercises will be based on authentic material created by your company and by course participants.

An experienced writer will show participants how use the power of language and layout to achieve objectives quickly and confidently.

We have delivered this course to staff and managers in banks, government agencies, and research organisations.

 During this course, participants will learn how to:

  • Feel confident they are delivering written messages successfully
  • Plan, write and edit effectively – by focusing on the target audiences and objectives
  • Apply the rules of grammar, punctuation and use of English
  • Create strong, readable, polished documents (for a variety of audiences)
  • Write with clarity, simplicity, brevity – and confidence
  • Edit and proofread to ensure professional, effective, error-free reports

Course content

Part 1 – Planning: clear thinking leads to clear writing

  • Define your purpose and identifying your target audience(s)
  • Create an effective objective
  • Step-by-step guide to creating a structured outline
  • Use mind mapping for content and structure
  • Write a first draft quickly: using a skeleton structure

Part 2 – Writing effectively:  using strong clear English to meet objectives

  • Write in a suitable style and tone of voice for your target audience(s)
  • Use clear, concise, accessible English (plain – not ‘dumbed down’)
  • Make complex information clear and concise:
    • Make every word count / cut dead wood
    • Take care with jargon, ‘business speak’ etc.
    • Use strong, precise, active verbs
    • Use headings, bullet lists and topic sentences for navigation

Part 3 – Editing: polishing the report

  • Strategies and checklists for effective editing and proofreading
  • Identifying common errors (grammar, punctuation, confused words etc.)
  • Presentation with impact – create reports etc that look accessible and readable
  • Resources – a comprehensive resource pack and useful links/books
  • Practice (using your own material).

Pre-course work
We ask participants to:

  • Complete an online questionnaire about objectives, writing experience and issues they would like to cover.
  • Send extracts from a report they have written recently. This will be used in an individual editing exercise during the final part of the course (as a tool to measure progress and skills).

This is the outline for a one-day course. It can also be delivered as a half-day course, but there will be less time for practical exercises.

Download course outlines

Report Writing for Results – half-day course

Report Writing for Results – one-day course

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