Write effective reports – online training

Report written on a whiteboardDo you want your reports to be clear, concise and polished? This highly practical online session will give you the skills to create reports that are readable, well-structured and effective.

It’s interactive – so you’ll be able to comment, share challenges and ask questions. After the training, you’ll receive the presentation and other useful resources. You can also choose follow-up support: send us a sample of your writing and get it edited by a professional editor.

If you’re interested in training for a team or group of staff, please get in touch to discuss how we can create a bespoke session for you.

After this course, participants will feel confident they can:

  • Create reports that deliver written messages successfully
  • Build a clear plan, to speed up the process
  • Write effectively to achieve objectives

 Webinar content

Part 1: Clear thinking leads to clear writing

  • How to manage writing reports remotely – using collaboration with colleagues
  • Tools: Flesch reading ease scale and a style guide
  • Define your purpose and identify your target audience(s)
  • Step-by-step guide to planning an effective report or thesis
    • Create an effective objective – using a template
    • Create a detailed outline, using a skeleton structure
    • Edit the outline, focusing on content and structure
    • Write a first draft quickly

Part 2 – Writing effectively: Use strong clear English to meet objectives

  • Write in a suitable style and tone of voice for your target audience(s)
  • Make complex information clear and concise:
    • Make every word count / cut dead wood
    • Take care with jargon, technical terms, ‘business speak’ etc.
    • Use strong, precise, active verbs
    • Create effective sentences and paragraphs
    • Use headings, bullet lists and topic sentences for navigation
    • Use layout to engage readers

Before the course
We ask participants to complete an online questionnaire about objectives, writing experience and issues they would like to cover.

Download the outline: Writing Effective Reports_Webinar

Please contact us for further details.