Plain English for emails and letters – online training

Woman and email in a speech bubbleCustomers need all your communications to be clear, concise, accessible and user-focused. You need your emails and letters to achieve objectives and avoid any escalation of challenging issues.

Writing in plain English can help you to achieve this. This highly practical webinar will give participants the skills and confidence to write successfully in plain English that is professional and polished – and not ‘dumbed down’ in any way.

It’s interactive – so you’ll be able to comment, share challenges and ask questions. After the training, you’ll receive the presentation and other useful resources. You can also choose follow-up support: send us a sample of your writing and get it edited by a professional editor.

If you’re interested in customised training for a team or a group of staff, please get in touch to discuss how we can create a bespoke session.

Who should attend? Anyone who writes to customers, especially if you want to show regulators and customers that you take clear communications very seriously.

On successful completion, participants will be able to:

  • Plan clear, concise, well-structured, accessible emails and letters
  • Write in plain English for your target audiences
  • Write letters and emails that achieve their objectives

Webinar content (2.5 hours)

Part 1 – Planning to achieve objectives

  • Identify your readers (to develop a reader-focused approach)
  • Put yourself in the customers’ shoes to make sure you write the right letter or email
  • Ensure any action required is clear and all questions are resolved
  • Plan to achieve closure

Part 2 – Writing with KISSSS (Keep it short, simple, strong and sincere)

  • Say what you mean; write to communicate
  • Use plain English in a concise, professional style
  • Get buy-in from readers / customers
  • Avoid jargon, ‘posh’ words and over-formal ‘business speak’
  • Avoid wordiness, repetition and unprofessional language
  • Write strong, clear sentences and paragraphs
  • Make every word count
  • Use headings to aid navigation

Download the outline

Plain English for Customer Communications

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