Minute-taking made easy

Do you need to ensure that your organisation’s minutes are clear, concise and accurately reflect the decisions taken and actions agreed at a meeting? Would you like to be confident that the notes taken and the minutes created will produce a valuable record of a meeting?

Do you need professional minutes to reflect good governance and transparency?

Participants will gain confidence in their skills on this half-day workshop-style course. You will also learn about best practice, how to listen more effectively and how to write less during a meeting – and how to ensure completed minutes achieve their objectives.

On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the minute-taker
  • Create minutes that are a clear, concise, accurate record of salient points of a meeting
  • Listen more effectively and take shorter notes
  • Use simple techniques to write clearly and concisely

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Course content

Part 1 – Introduction

  • Best practice: defining good minutes
  • What are the key skills for minute-taking?
  • Style of different types of minutes: formal and informal
  • Practical: A to Z of taking minutes

Part 2 – Before and during a meeting

  • Use a meetings checklist
  • Create an effective agenda
  • Listen more confidently – for salient points (and decide what to leave out)
  • Take shorter clearer notes (to speed up transcribing)
  • Practice: Taking minutes in a meeting, using guided role-play (notes provided)

Part 3 – After a meeting

  • Templates for formal and informal minutes
  • Practice: Writing up minutes from the role-play
  • Writing tips: effective lists / active voice / being concise
  • Useful phrases for formal minutes
  • Practice: Editing minutes from the role-play

Before the course
On one-day courses, we ask participants to:

  • Complete an online questionnaire about objectives, minute-taking experience and issues they would like to cover.
  • Send examples of minutes they have written recently. They will be used in an individual editing exercise during the final part of the course (as a tool to measure progress and skills).

Download course outlines

Minute-taking – one-day course

Minute-taking – half-day course