Managing effective meetings

Does your organisation need a more effective way to run meetings? Would you like to be confident that the meetings you chair are as efficient and action-oriented as possible? Do the minutes  accurately reflect the decisions taken and actions agreed?

Chairing a meeting can be challenging. On this highly practical half-day course, participants learn how to lead and listen more effectively during meetings. It is delivered by a former journalist and politician who has extensive experience in chairing meetings.

It covers the A to Z of chairing a meeting from devising an agenda, working with the minute-taker, Freedom of Information Act requirements, developing listening skills, and following-up and signing-off on minutes.

This course is an essential tool for anyone who chairs meetings – from university staff and government employees to financial and legal executives.

On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the chair
  • Run a more efficient and productive meeting
  • Appreciate the value of listening to the messages
  • Recognise the importance of minutes, for internal and external purposes
  • Understand the value of an effective and organised agenda
  • Create a closer working relationship with the minute-taker

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who chairs meetings but has never received formal training
  • Anyone who would like to polish their chairing skills
  • Anyone who will have to chair meetings in the future and wants to be able to understand and apply best practice

Course content

Part 1 – Before the meeting

  • What is an effective agenda?
  • Creating an effective agenda
  • Liaison with the minute-taker and attendees
  • How best to use additional reports/documents

Part 2 – During the meeting

  • How to lay down rules for meetings
  • How to manage difficult attendees
  • How to manage time efficiently at meetings
  • Learning to summarise in meetings
  • Managing the minute-taker and the minutes
  • Managing conference calls in meetings

Part 3 – After the meeting

  • Finalising the minutes
  • Liaising with participants
  • Circulation of minutes
  • External notifications/media requirements

Part 4 – Becoming the chair

  • Learning and applying the skills above
  • Defining a set of rules that you can apply
  • Leading the meeting

Download the outline

Managing effective meetings_Course outline_Plain English Ireland

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