Individual coaching

All our courses can be adapted to meet the needs of individuals or very small groups.

Coaching is suitable for people whose colleagues do not do the same type of writing or for people who prefer a short intensive training session. Practical exercises are based on authentic material provided by the participant or the organisation.

A coaching programme depends on the needs of the participant. For example, it might comprise only one two-hour session or it might involve a series of workshops held over one or two months with practical exercises between the sessions.

We have delivered coaching to:

  • Individual report writers in a government agency who needed help in honing their planning and writing skills
  • Managers promoted to a role which included increased writing responsibilities
  • Individuals responsible for plain English within their company
  • A group of three managers in an insurance company who did not have time to attend a report course
  • Individual solicitors and marketing staff in a legal firm
  • Staff who needed to polish their writing skills because English was not their first language

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