Brush-up: Grammar and punctuation

We all know that business writing must be polished and professional at all times, but how do you ensure that everything you write is correct? How do you train your eye to spot errors or inconsistencies in grammar, spelling and punctuation?

For example, when do you use a comma or a semi-colon? What is correct sentence structure? Is it ‘inquiry’ or ‘enquiry’? What is the difference between ‘principal’ and ‘principle’?

This two-hour workshop will give participants the tools and skills to understand how to write using correct grammar and punctuation. Participants will work individually and in pairs to analyse and correct common errors. Checklists and factsheets are provided for future reference.

Course content

  • Theory and practice of good grammar
    (i.e. parts of speech, sentence structure, clauses)
  • Punctuation rules and practice
  • Practical exercises in identifying and correcting errors and a quiz
  • Common errors – learn to hear alarm bells:
    • Overlong, clunky sentences and paragraphs
    • Double meanings
    • Fragments (dependent clauses as sentences)
    • Singular vs plural
    • Tenses
    • Word order
    • Active voice vs. passive voice
    • Commonly confused words
    • Tricky grammar (e.g. who or whom? / that or which?)

This is a two-hour session. It can be combined with other courses to create a half-day or one-day training programme. Please contact us for details.