Editing and proofreading for professionals

We all know that business writing must be polished and professional at all times, but how do you ensure that readers will get the message that the writer intended? As an editor, how do you know when to make changes and when to leave text untouched?

Would you like to learn some quick ways to make writing stronger and more effective – whether you edit your own work or your colleagues’? Would you like to have a better understanding of punctuation and grammar?

On this highly practical workshop-style course, a professional editor shares their love of language and ‘tricks of the trade’ – to ensure you take away the tools to edit and proofread quickly and confidently. Content will be based on the work of the participants, from formal reports to web content.

On successful completion of this course, participants will:

  • Be able to edit and proofread to a high standard
  • Understand how to ensure  documents are clear, concise and correct
  • Have the skills to ensure documents will:
    • Communicate your messages quickly and effectively
    • Respond to the needs of the target audience
    • Display a consistent and professional style
    • Look accessible and readable
    • Contain no errors of grammar, punctuation etc.

 Course content

Part 1 – Overview

  • English as a living language: issues for editors
  • Identifying best practice
  • Defining the roles of an editor and proofreader
  • Using the Flesch readability scale

Part 2 – Editing

  • Editing checklist: Clarity, brevity and humanity
  • Strategies: How to develop a fresh eye to analyse writing
  • Process: Easy steps for efficient editing
  • Edit to make the writing strong, including:
    • Capture scanners’ attention
    • Choose an appropriate tone of voice
    • Think structure: the inverted pyramid
    • Cut dead wood
    • Use topic sentences and bullet point lists

Part 3 – Proofreading

  • Identify common errors – learn to hear alarm bells:
    • Double meanings / fragments / run-on sentences
    • Sticky grammar (e.g. singular or plural? that or which?)
    • Tenses / word order  / use the active voice
    • Punctuation – rules and consistency

This is a one-day course. For half-day courses, editing and proofreading are covered separately. Please contact us for further details.

Download the outlines

Editing and proofreading – one-day course outline

Editing – half-day course outline

Proofreading – half-day course outline