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Make sure you get the writing skills training you need

Diverse People and Training Concepts Choose a training course that is lively, practical and delivered by experts
Our training courses show you how to write in plain English that is professional, polished, suitable for its target audiences – and not ‘dumbed down’ in any way. We show participants how to write emails, letters, reports, web content and minutes in clear, concise, effective English.

It’s not like going back to school
Our courses are designed to help professional people to learn in an enjoyable productive way. We believe people learn most from doing not listening, so our courses are highly practical. Our trainers are more than simply trainers. They’re experienced journalists, writers and editors who really enjoy sharing their expertise. Read more

Benefits for participants

  • Learn to write with greater impact
  • Write to achieve objectives for target audiences
  • Reinforce confidence in existing skills
  • Gain new techniques, skills and strategies
  • Enjoy a highly practical, fun and productive session
  • Ask a writing expert for advice

Benefits for your organisation
Customised training courses can help you to transform the communications culture – so clear, concise, correct writing becomes standard.

  • Content reflects the real-life experience, skills and needs of participants
  • Practical exercises are based on authentic emails, reports etc.
  • Training saves time; staff write more quickly and managers spend less time reviewing

Our one-day or half-day tailored sessions are for groups of up to 12 people and take place on your premises.

For information on courses, choose from the list on this page
Feel free to get in touch to find out more. We’re always happy to help.

Open courses 
If a customised course isn’t suitable, you’re welcome to attend an open course.

These half-day courses take place in Dublin and cost €295 per person. Contact us for more details on dates.

Organisations we have delivered training for include:

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 MABS  opw  ent irl
 airtricity  fexco  esri
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