20 words to avoid – if you want to write in plain English

What words are ‘plain English’ and what words are not? The basic rule is to use everyday words that your target audience is familiar with.

When you’re not sure if a word is plain, try using it in an ordinary sentence.

Would you say: ‘The meeting commenced at 9am’ or ‘The meeting started at 9am’?

Using everyday words makes your writing easier – and quicker – for everyone to read.

Ten tips for writing in plain English – for the construction industry

All workers on a construction site need to understand safety information. Risks of an incident rise can if people struggle to read safety documentation.

Plain English means writing so that all users can understand the first time they read it.

Following these ten tips can help you to write clearly and effectively.

We support Safety Construction Week 2019.

How safe is a construction site if you can’t read English?

Safety signs at a construction site

All construction workers need to understand safety information – but some workers might struggle.

50% of foreign workers on sites in Ireland have never studied English – and poor English can put them at higher risk.

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure all workers understand information. Writing in plain English is one way to help.

We are supporting Construction Safety Week, October 2019