Clarity mark

Would you like to show customers and regulators that you take clear communication very seriously?


The Clarity mark is a quality mark that can be displayed on an individual document to show it has achieved a high standard of clarity and readability. It can also be used on a website.

It can only be awarded after a rigorous assessment of clarity, brevity and humanity. These three areas are widely accepted among the international Plain English community as key to ensuring accessibility and readability for a wide audience.

For the financial services sector, the Clarity mark shows the Central Bank how seriously you are taking good customer communications and plain English.

How is a document assessed?

Each document is assessed in relation to its aims and target audience. For example, an insurance leaflet for a wide readership should use everyday English and clearly explain every financial term but a report for industry experts may use technical terms and some jargon.

Who has been awarded the Clarity mark?

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