Build your own style guide

Do you write in a clear consistent style?

Do you know when to use a dash or a comma? When do you write numbers as words and when as digits? What’s the difference between ‘that’ and ‘which’? What are the rules?

When you’re writing for work, it’s vital that your style is polished, correct and clear. It’s also important that an organisation’s communications style is consistent – and that’s where a style guide can help.

An off-the-shelf style guide can be useful – but a customised one for your organisation is much more effective.

What are the ‘rules’ of correct English?

Because English is a living language used by millions of people every day, it’s constantly evolving. And this makes it challenging to know the rules for professional ‘correct’ writing.

Our recommendations for style are based on a combination of:

  • Traditional ‘prescriptive’ grammar books – which tell us the rules that we should follow
  • Conventions – reflecting what is generally accepted in the UK and Ireland
  • Our experience of how English is used today in professional writing (as written English becomes less formal)

Build your own style guide will help you to:

  1. Identify the issues you need to address
  2. Make decisions on what your style will be
  3. Create a consistent way of writing – for reports, manuals, web content, social media etc.
  4. Communicate your style across the organisation

How to use the guide

Every month, we’ll add a new topic for you to consider. We’ll give you rules, explanations, examples and choices –  so you can create your own style guide.

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