Build your own style guide: Contact information

There are many ways to present your contact details – but you should be consistent. Choose from these styles:

Contact information  
AddressesVertical – don’t use commas.

Dáil Éireann
Leinster House
Dublin 2
DO2 A272
Horizontal – use commas.

Dáil Éireann, Leinster House, Dublin 2, DO2 A272

Email addresses
'Email’ has no hyphen.

Never add a full stop at the end.
Phone numbers

Choose a similar style for landlines and mobiles.

If you do not expect many international calls, choose style a.
Landline – choose a style:
a. 01 6183000
b. (01) 6183000
c. 01-6183000
d. +353 (0)1 6183000
e. +353 (0)16183000
f. 353 (0)1 6183000
g. 353 (0)16183000
h. LoCall 1890 200255
Mobile – choose a style:
a. 086 6183000
b. (086) 6183000
c. 086-6183000
d. +353 (0)86 6183000
e. +353 (0)866183000
f. 353 (0)86 6183000
g. 353 (0)866183000
Websites (URLs)Do not use http:// if the URL includes www.

Online and in emails, do not give the URL. Simply create the link, so ‘contact us' is the link to an online form.

‘Website’ has no hyphen.

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