About us

Lovers of language. Helpful. Expert. Enthusiastic. Journalists. Trainers.

We are a specialist team of highly experienced writers, trainers and editors. Most of us are former journalists with national newspapers, as well as trainers.

We are all enthusiastic about writing and enjoy sharing our skills, knowledge and ‘tricks of the trade’. And we’re passionate about helping people to write clearly. That’s why we provide training courses and editing services.

Sarah MarriottDirector Sarah Marriott is a trainer, course designer and editor. Her experience includes:

    • Irish Times journalist (writer and sub-editor)
    • Lecturer on MA in Journalism at Dublin Institute of Technology
    • Lecturer at Digital Marketing Institute
    • Teacher of English as a foreign language
    • Author of Common Errors in Written English (Chambers, 1992)


Charities: We support Concern and Focus Ireland.